How to Find the Right Trade Publication for Your Local Media Campaign

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Trade publications can be an important component of a local media B2B campaign and evaluating a few key pieces of information can help you select the most appropriate vehicles for your message.

Planning a B2B campaign can feel like a daunting task unless you know where to start.  Recently, we outlined seven tactics to consider in your marketing mix.  If you have decided to include trade publications, you have completed step one. But, now the fun part begins … which ones to choose.

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2 Reasons to Consider Digital Media for a Local Media Branding Message

2 Reasons to Consider Digital Media for a Local Media Branding Message

Historically, local media advertisers have avoided online tactics for their branding message, but research shows higher engagement helps the brand resonate with consumers.

Many marketers have considered the online platform to be more of a direct response medium and have hesitated to put their branding message in the online space. Continue Reading

7 Local Media Tactics to Consider for a B2B Campaign


Finding the right mix of local media tactics for a B2B product can seem a little challenging, but there are several highly targeted ways to reach your niche audience. If you are advertising a product to other businesses you may question the right … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Tailor Your Local Media Plan to Speak to Millennials

3 Ways to Tailor Your Local Media Plan to Speak to Millennials

Are Millennials really that different? Ways to gear your local media plan to reach the “connected” generation. With “Millennials” or “Generation Y” representing 80 million potential consumers, marketers are scrambling for the latest research to help … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Local Media Added Value Schedules

Increasing Added Value

While most local advertisers are aware that they should request “added value” from all their media partners, implementing this requirement effectively is often a rarity or afterthought. Securing high-quality “extras” can be a challenge when your … Continue Reading

3 Tips to Help Plan Your Next Hispanic Local Media Campaign

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It’s important to understand the Hispanic demographic and their local media preferences prior to creating your next campaign. A recent Nielsen report highlighted the tremendous economic impact of Hispanic consumers in the US. Currently there are 52 … Continue Reading

How Increased Digital Media Usage Can Impact your Local Media Campaign

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Consumers are continuing to increase their time spent with digital media, but how does this research impact your local media campaign and should you incorporate it into your media plans? For the first time in history, the average time spent with … Continue Reading

6 Ways Adjust Your Local Media Plan When You Have New Competition

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Take a strategic approach to any local media adjustments when faced with new competition. Your business is sailing along.  Your sales are good and your customers know who you are and why they shop with you. You have established a good reputation and … Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Include Cinema Advertising in Your Local Media Mix


Cinema advertising might by just the ticket to your reach younger Early Adopters with your local media mix. In today's technology-saturated culture of smartphones, DVRs, AmazonPrime and Hulu, the ability to selectively choose entertainment at your … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Properly Assess Local Media Promotional Opportunities

3 Ways to Properly Assess Local Media Promotional Opportunities

A great promotion should truly enhance your local advertising campaign and offer an additional, noteworthy component to your local media mix. Any good or aggressive sales person will approach you with additional opportunities that will increase your … Continue Reading