3 Keys to Implementing Effective Creative Across Your Local Media Mix

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It is crucial that the creative used across varying mediums builds consistency and cohesion to your local media buy.

There are some easy themes to consider and enact to ensure that your ads, whether they are on television, radio, outdoor, and/or online complement each other, resulting in an effort that continues to build a successful return on your local media investment.

Keep these ideas in mind when placing ads across multiple platforms:

1. Uniformity

All your advertising efforts should elicit a similar feel and/or emotion. Consumers should be able to recognize your store, your brand, or your product. If a customer hears your spot on the radio and the spot notes that you can go online and print a coupon, the ad online should use similar verbiage to the radio ad.

If your TV commercial touts low prices several times, this should be the primary message one sees on an outdoor billboard. Customers will not automatically link back to you if the ads are too varied or disjointed.

2. Simplicity

When I was young and learning math, my teacher always came back to the “KISS” Method:  Keep it Simple Stupid.  The same goes with advertising. Make sure the primary message(s) comes through loud and clear. Your ads that are visual (outdoor, online, television) should have a clean layout with appropriate spacing and color.

Advertisers have a very limited amount of time to relay a message, and of that time, only a fraction to grab and sustain interest. If messaging is too complicated, it cannot be effectively used across a diversified advertising plan. Simplicity will lead to consistency. Consistency will lead to recognition and then action.

3. Restraint

As I’ve noted, and probably many a blogger or advertising professional has noted, you cannot be all things to all people all at once. When your message is being heard or seen on multiple advertising vehicles, you want to keep you messages limited. Don’t put a different message on the bus shelter than on the billboard and on the website just because you can.

The purpose behind using a varied media mix is to engage customers at many different points and in different ways, not to bombard and confuse.

To effectively employ creative throughout an advertising plan that utilizes multiple outlets, focus on keeping the message and visuals uniform, simple, and defined.

There are many ways to deliver an effective message, and if you have the ability to take advantage of more than one, your local media buy is far more powerful when the messages and mediums are working in combination.

Leslie Kill

About Leslie Kill

Leslie is an Associate Media Director at Sheehy+Associates, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. She has been entrenched in media for a little over 10 years, allowing her the privilege to work with clients and in markets big, small and many places in between.

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