How to Determine if TV is Right for Your Local Media Campaign

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Ask yourself these 3 questions before you add television to your local media mix.

Television is still king when it comes to reaching the masses.  The average American spends more than four and a half hours a day in front of the tube, and a whopping 99% of all U.S. households have at least one TV.

So, it’s a must for your next local media campaign, right?  Not necessarily.

1. Does the coverage of the TV DMA fit your target geography?

Television provides the largest reach of most local media options, serving a large number of counties outside of a certain city or metro area.

For some advertisers this a great benefit, for others this will create wasted spending.

If you have a number of locations outside of the metro area, television will allow you to reach this audience without the need to supplement with additional radio, cable or print schedules.

However, if you only have a few locations in the metro area or have a defined service area, using television means you will reach a large number of people that will not or cannot buy your product or service.  Consider mediums with a more defined geographic concentration like cable, radio, some print and online.

2. Can you afford an effective TV schedule?

Television is one of the most expensive mediums for local advertisers, especially if they are going to place the type of schedule to be effective.

If you are going to utilize television in your media mix, make sure you have enough money to place spots across a variety of day parts, including prime, and can include several stations.

Reaching a large number of potential consumers in your target audience is only half of the equation.  You need to reach them enough times for them to remember you and respond to your offer.  If you do not have the budget to place an adequate schedule on television, consider other tactics you can “own” and make an impact.

3. Do you have enough in the budget to produce a quality commercial?

Because moving images have such a powerful affect on a viewer, nothing can elevate or decimate a brand faster or more completely than a TV spot.  This means, a strategy of spending as little as possible, on a commercial, just so you can get on TV is a poor one.

You need to think of a TV spot as a piece of art on a horizontal canvass.  It needs to be crafted.  To craft a TV spot takes a lot of hands – writer, art director, director, cameraperson, producer, editor, sound engineer, etc.  Those hands don’t come cheap.

In short, don’t do TV halfway … a spot with low production value will certainly tarnish your brand in the minds of your audience.

Television isn’t for everyone – find out who your audience is and where they are, then take a long look at your budget and you’ll have a good feeling about whether to use TV or not.

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