3 Reasons to Include Cinema Advertising in Your Local Media Mix


Cinema advertising might by just the ticket to your reach younger Early Adopters with your local media mix.

In today’s technology-saturated culture of smartphones, DVRs, AmazonPrime and Hulu, the ability to selectively choose entertainment at your fingertips and on your schedule without the annoyance of advertising poses multiple problems for marketing directors.

If you’re frustrated by your current attempts to reach a younger audience with disposable income, cinema advertising may help you reach a fully engaged audience who has basically paid money to see your message.

Here are three reasons to consider adding cinema advertising to your marketing mix.

1. Reach a younger demographic

According to an article by Cinema Ad Council President, Cliff Marks, the Nielsen NRG 2012 American Moviegoing Report found those who attend the movies are younger than those watching television. Moviegoers 12-34 actually account for 53% of all ticket sales. This fact reinforces earlier research by Arbitron, which found that 81% of teens had been to the movies in the past month. In addition, Arbitron’s study revealed teen moviegoers are much more likely to find cinema advertising acceptable and prefer it to advertising on the Internet, DVDs or video games.

2. Increase your brand and message recall over TV schedules alone

Can you reach these younger moviegoers via TV? Sure. But you might be able to increase your customers’ recall of your message by adding cinema to a strong TV schedule. An analysis conducted by NCM Media Networks which utilized Nielsen’s IAG web-based panel technology, revealed both recall and likeability increased when cinema advertising was added to a TV schedule for the same brand. The study analyzed more than 1,350 ad campaigns promoting 29 different product categories. Brand recall experienced a 65 percent lift, while message recall almost doubled (up 94 percent) and likeability increased 79 percent.

3. Engage techno-savvy early adopters with integrated multi-channel messages

Marks’ article also revealed smartphone and tablet penetration among moviegoers is higher than among the general public. These mobile-connected moviegoers are more likely to purchase their tickets online and are also more likely to text or tweet after seeing the show. Similarly, Arbitron’s earlier research revealed frequent moviegoers identified themselves as “buying new products first or before most people they know.”

Look for innovative ways to reach these “Early Adopters” through creative cinema advertising messages that fully engage the mobile audience while they’re “captive” in the theater. In a report entitled “Lights! Camera! Interaction!” Ann Cooper identifies unique ways marketers have utilized multiple platforms to engage moviegoers with their message, including in-theater games, contests, and more.

Since the dawn of nickelodeon movies in 1905, patrons have been thrilled to enjoy every facet of the moviegoing experience: the impact of the big screen; the undeniable temptation of hot, buttered popcorn; the heart-pounding effects of surround sound and the simple joy of sharing the entire entertainment experience with others. And, for clever marketers who take advantage of this unique cultural experience, cinema advertising can translate into an important part of your local media mix.

Leslie Kill

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