3 Tips to Help Plan Your Next Hispanic Local Media Campaign

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It’s important to understand the Hispanic demographic and their local media preferences prior to creating your next campaign.

A recent Nielsen report highlighted the tremendous economic impact of Hispanic consumers in the US. Currently there are 52 million Hispanic people in the U.S. population, and they represent a hefty $1.2 trillion in buying power. Marketers are increasingly devoting more of their ad dollars to reach this group. According to eMarketer, Hispanic ad spending on mass media increased 11.1% last year as marketers spent over $8 billion to reach this growing market.

Here are 3 tips to maximize your reach and strengthen your brand image among Hispanic decision makers:

1.  Pay Attention To Emerging Geographic Markets

There’s no question that Miami and New York still maintain the lion’s share of the Latino population in America. However, according to geographic research by Nielsen, some of the fastest-growing regions are in areas you might not expect – Charlotte, NC, for instance, followed by Raleigh, Atlanta, Orlando, Ft. Myers-Naples and Oklahoma City. Another change from previous years is the number of Latinos seeking suburban destinations rather than city centers.

When determining where to beef up portions of your local media plan, consider pinpointing areas outside major cities with such avenues as local spot radio, local cable, neighborhood publications and direct mail.

2.  Ladies First

U.S. Hispanic women, also known as Latinas, are quickly becoming a key economic force, as 86% of them are considered the primary shoppers in their household, according to a recent Nielsen study.  These ladies are becoming more educated than their non-Hispanic counterparts, with 73% of Latinas enrolling in college. Plus, they’re owning more of their own businesses. Between 2002 and 2007, Latina-owned companies grew by a whopping 46%.

Many of these ladies are focused on purchases primarily for their family. In addition, Latinas are socially connected via Facebook and other outlets and use technology to help maintain their ethnic culture. Smart marketers will take advantage of these connections and find ways to speak to busy moms by reaching them on their mobile devices and making it easier for them to meet the needs of their family in ways that are culturally relevant.

3.  Get Mobile

According to a study on Hispanic mobile trends, today’s Hispanics are the fastest adopters of new technology. At least 70% of Hispanics spend 3 or more hours each day on their mobile phone, and 4 out of 10 spend 3 or more hours on the Internet.

And, according to Nielsen’s “State of the Hispanic Consumer Report,” Hispanics are 28% more likely than non-Hispanic whites to own a smartphone. In fact, by 2017, it is predicted that 1 out of every 5 smartphones and tablets in the U.S. will be purchased by a Hispanic.

Make sure you’re reaching these early adopters through the proper channels. Latinos more than any other ethnic group, embrace technology as a way to maintain their cultural uniqueness and connect with others. It’s your job to help them connect with your message.
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