3 Ways to Include Outdoor in Your Local Media Campaign

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How to use outdoor in the media mix to meet your local media campaign goals.

There are a number of Out-of-Home advertising options, but here we will focus on the most common forms, which are outdoor bulletins and posters.

Outdoor boards come in three standard sizes, bulletins which are the larger boards commonly found on interstates and high traffic areas.  The second are 30-sheet posters, which are smaller and traditionally located in areas with a lower traffic count.  Some markets may also offer 8-sheet posters, which are commonly found in urban areas.

Before you place your next outdoor campaign, consider these 3 ways to include outdoor in your media mix, and make sure the execution meets the campaign objectives:

 1. Purchase a Specific Bulletin Location

Unlike a poster showing, advertisers will often purchase a specific bulletin location.  This could be a high traffic board at an interstate interchange to build awareness, or this could be a board to increase foot traffic and sales.

One of the most common uses of outdoor advertising is a directional message.  This execution is very effective to grab consumers when they are in the area, and increase store traffic.   More people may use their mobile devices to find stores and restaurants, but a directional message will remind a potential consumer that your business is nearby.

Some advertisers will opt to include bulletins near a competitor’s location.  For example, near most major jewelry stores in Louisville, you will find a billboard for a competitor.  Interesting and effective strategy … one benefit of outdoor advertising is the ability to customize the creative message to a specific location.

2. Increase Awareness With a Poster “Showing”

Billboards and Posters can be an effective way to generate awareness in a market.  While you can select specific locations, posters are generally sold based on “showing levels,” which is the percentage of the market you will reach with your campaign.  Traditionally, you can buy a 25, 50 or 100 showing.

Since the population will vary market to market, you will need a different number of boards to reach a certain percentage of the population.  It is easier to ask for a showing then guess how many boards you will need.

This type of campaign will include boards all over the market, to ensure the appropriate reach of your message.  This is a different strategy than purchasing a specific billboard location.

3. Digital Bulletins and Posters

Digital bulletins and posters are growing in many local markets, and display a new message every 8 seconds.  This tactic can be a great way to reduce your production costs and include multiple outdoor creative executions.

McDonald’s has used this tactic effectively, by selecting a different message to run during different parts of the day, to promote various products and specials.

Other advertisers have included dynamic data like current temperatures, a countdown clock or even recent tweets or Twitter mentions.

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