3 Ways to Reach the Hispanic Market with Your Local Media Campaign

Local Media Strategy

Reaching the Hispanic audience with your local media campaign can seem overwhelming, but properly doing so can create a new and loyal customer base.

While we’re told and often acknowledge the Hispanic population continues to grow faster than any other multicultural population.  Their part of the advertising mix is often overlooked or given a small portion of the budget as an afterthought, despite the enormous buying power this group wields.

According to an article in MediaPost, US Hispanics accounted for $560 billion of the $1.3 trillion in total consumer spending power. To grasp that statistic on a different level, 2 out of 5 Millennials are not white.

Why not just throw this large and expanding group in with the rest of your general market buys? Because, this group is unique and should be advertised to in a unique way, one that recognizes who they are and what matters to them, personally and from a buying perspective.

So, you know a notable percentage of your business comes from Hispanics and that business can be gained from Hispanics in your market.  But, you aren’t quite sure how to start advertising to this group or are intimidated by a possible language barrier or cultural disconnect. There are a few key steps that can get moving in the right direction, so your local media dollars can be put to good use and aren’t just “testing the waters.”

1. Geographically target your campaign

Take advantage of local TV, outdoor, and radio vendors’ resources to hone in on specific zip codes where Hispanics are most populous or within a desired radius of your business. By pin-pointing specific zip codes, you may be able to allocate some of your Outdoor billboards to Hispanic Efforts. Some of your showing may be in dense Hispanic areas with a generic English message. You may be able to buy a specific zone for Cable. It’s one of the basic rules of marketing…to spend your money where your consumers are.

2. Don’t fear the language barrier, embrace the difference

For Hispanics, there is nothing more culturally relevant than Spanish, regardless of their language preference. The degree to which they use it, and the way they use it, might evolve as they become more acculturated and embrace technology, but research shows the Spanish language will remain central to their identity.

An Experian study found “three-quarters of Hispanic adults prefer to speak at least some Spanish.”  The study looked at language usage by generation and confirmed that 45% of third-generation Hispanics say they prefer to speak Spanish at least some of the time.

A study from AHAA and Nielsen found that 75% of upscale Hispanics speak some Spanish.  The percentage of upscale Hispanics that are Spanish-dominant grew 18% between 2010 and 2012.

There are plenty of resources, including your media partners that can translate and record spots in Spanish. Don’t just copy and paste English to Spanish. What is said in English may not directly translate or be appealing in Spanish.

3. Dig a little deeper

Is your Hispanic consumer from Mexico? Cuba? Puerto Rico? There is a culture within the culture, which can make all the difference. Traditions, typical family make-up and buying preferences vary between these subcultures. Don’t just blanket all Hispanics together.

While it may be easiest to breakdown a demographic at the broadest level ­– male, female, young and old, it is more crucial to reach the right people in the way that is most appealing and motivating to them.

Leslie Kill

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Leslie is an Associate Media Director at Sheehy+Associates, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. She has been entrenched in media for a little over 10 years, allowing her the privilege to work with clients and in markets big, small and many places in between.

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