4 Tips for Planning a Radio Remote for Your Local Media Campaign

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To make your event a success, you need to ask the right questions and plan appropriately.

A radio remote is traditionally a 2 – 3 hour event with a station vehicle, radio personality and prizes.  It can help generate awareness and excitement for a special event, like a grand opening, charity fundraiser or limited time promotion.

The appearance will include promotional mentions the week of your event and :60 “cut-ins” or on-air chatter about what is happening at your location.

Here are 4 ways to make the most of your next radio remote:

1. Scheduling

Scheduling the radio remote for the right day and time is key for a successful remote.  Unless you are trying to target seniors or stay at home moms, you may not want to select Monday morning at 10 am.

Saturday is the most common day for remote appearances, since people are typically out and about.  Events on the weekend book up quickly.  Schedule your appearance as early as possible, in order to secure the day, time and radio personality that you need.

Weekday remotes can also be successful if you select the right time.  Scheduling remotes during the lunch time hours will get people while they are grabbing a bite to eat, or during the 4 – 6 pm time period will get them while they are in the car on the way home from work.

2. Station Selection

Most radio stations are capable of doing a remote, so which station should you choose?

Contact multiple stations for availability and pricing.  Start with the highest rated stations in your target demographic, as well as stations you are currently doing the most business with.  If you are active on the station, you can request the remote as added value and only pay the tech and talent fees.

Consider the ratings during the time period of the appearance.  The on-air coverage can be just as valuable as the appearance itself.  If you are scheduling remotes with multiple stations, evaluate their ratings performance and select the strongest station for each of your desired time periods.

3. Plan Ahead

Any successful event requires the appropriate planning.  You should supply the station with detailed copy points at least a week in advance.  This will allow the station to promote your event the week leading up to the appearance, and provide the talent with the right information to highlight during the live “cut-ins.”

Notify the appropriate staff at the store location, so they know to expect the radio station and have a plan for where the remote should happen.  You can also put the station in contact with the store manager, to sort out any technical details.

4. Giveaways

People love to come to an event to win free stuff.  Clarify up front what type of giveaway items the station will bring to your event.  Concert tickets will have a bigger draw than station t-shirts.

Also, identify giveaway items you can contribute to help increase traffic to your store. This could include branded promotional items, coupons or gift cards, to name a few.

With the appropriate planning, a radio remote can help drive traffic to your location and make your event a success.

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