4 Ways to Enhance Your Local Media Campaign For Free

local media buying strategy

How you can gain additional exposure for your brand without spending more money.

After you have negotiated and placed your annual media schedule, you may be wondering what else you could do to gain exposure for your brand.

The answer is added value.  Added Value is anything a media partner can offer that will enhance the local campaign.

Here are 4 added value tactics to consider:

1. Guaranteed Placement

Media vendors will often guarantee placement for no additional charge.  For TV and Radio schedules, you can request to have your spot be the first commercial in the break.

Maybe you are buying TV News programming, request to have your spots run at the same time every day.  For TV programming, you can also request for your spots to not fall at the beginning or ending breaks of a program.

2. Remotes

Are you promoting something special at your store and need extra media exposure?   You can have a radio station broadcast live from your location for 2-3 hours.  They will promote the event several days in advance to gain hype.

The day of the event they will do several live on-air “cut-ins” while on location, to urge listeners to come out.   The stations will give away prizes, and if you can, offer additional prizes that will entice more listeners to stop by.

Many stations will do the remotes for no charge, except for a talent fee for the radio personality.

3. Station Promotions

Does the station have an event or promotion planned where they could make you a sponsor?  As a sponsor, you could have your name mentioned on air and logo inclusion on event materials and the station website.

Maybe the station needs a drop off location for items, or a location for listeners to enter to win.  That will draw added exposure to your business.

4. No Charge Spots

Station will often offer no charge spots as Added Value.  TV stations may not have available inventory in Primetime programming, but may be able to offer daytime, late night or weekends.

Radio stations may offer spots that are a different length than spots on your paid schedules.  You may only have a :60 second spot produced, but if you send a script for :15 or :10 spots, the stations will read those scripts on-air as live spots.

Additional exposure for your business is what you are looking for.  Why not try to get it for free!

Linda Thomas

About Linda Thomas

Linda is the Director of Media Services at Sheehy+Associates, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. With over 25 years in the industry, there isn¹t much she hasn¹t seen or done with regard to media planning and placement on a local, regional or national level.

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