4 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Local Media Campaign

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Use your local media campaign to create more brand ambassadors on social media as well as increase sales.

As we discussed in a previous article, consumers respond to social media prompts included in traditional local media tactics.  There are ways to incorporate social media content and prompts in your local media strategy without diluting your message.

1. Make digital advertising units interactive

73.9% of 18-34 year-old women say digital ads that feature prompts to social media assets are effective at inspiring them to take action.

­– Burst Media

Are you starting to rethink your online display strategy, yet?  More companies are taking advantage of rich media capabilities by adding social media like/follow buttons or links within their online display units.  You are no longer limited to choosing between including a store locator, link to a landing page for purchase or social media pages.  If you use the right technology, you can have it all.

Here are a couple examples of brands that are incorporating several elements in their online display executions.

example 2 example 1

2. Include hashtags in television creative

In the 2013 Super Bowl over half of the commercials included a hashtag, which were used over 300,000 times in 24 hours according to TechCrunch.

Very few advertisers have the budget to produce an ad like Budweiser. They utilized a special hashtag to name a baby Clydesdale and also to run a national spot in the Super Bowl.  By including a relevant hashtag within your television commercial this can be a way to join the conversation and engage with those talking about your brand or product.

Then, you can use your hashtag for promoting tweets and targeting as part of your social media advertising strategy.

3. Promote social coupons and offers in print

The female 35-44 segment is a highly coveted demographic for most advertisers.  And, according to the Burst Media study, two-thirds of this demographic responds well to coupons and promotions offered on social media.  Consider promoting or “teasing” these offers across various print tactics such as newspaper or direct mail.  Give the consumer a reason to take the extra step to like or follow you.

4. Integrate social media in digital outdoor creative

According to the Burst Media study, only 39% of respondents recall social media prompts in outdoor advertising.  Which is understandable since very few people will look up your brand on Facebook or Twitter after seeing your social icons at the bottom of a billboard, especially at 60 MPH.

But, there are various ways to incorporate dynamic content in a digital outdoor campaign.  Consider posting tweets from your Twitter feed, @mentions, or Facebook status updates and fan comments.  Including dynamic content can show the value your brand provides on social media and allows you to display real-time “testimonials.”

Here are some examples of how the Laredo Taco Company® is incorporating Twitter and Facebook into their outdoor campaign.

Twitter MentionFacebook offer

As technology continues to evolve there are more and more opportunities for advertisers to develop a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy.  Using your local media budget to drive sales as well as social media engagement will help increase your ROI.

Click here for more information about study from Burst Media.

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