5 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Company Profile

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LinkedIn is one of the largest traffic drivers for B2B companies, so it is critical to maximize the effectiveness of your company’s LinkedIn profile.

Here are 5 ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile and generate leads:

1. Add the WordPress app to Publicize Blog Content

You are generating great content on your blog; make sure that your potential followers can access your information.  This is updated automatically on the profile page, but is not automatically shared with followers.

Status updates are visible in a follower’s newsfeed, so make sure to share the blog post as a status update.

Click here to access the WordPress app

2. Include a Products & Services Tab

This feature is a critical piece for lead generation and lead nurturing, enabling you to explain more about what products or services you provide.   These pages can also be used to feature a call-to-action, such as a special offer (free trial, product discount, etc.) or a resource, like an e-book.   Include a link to a specific landing page to collect contact information.

 Elements needed for each page:

- Product overview
- Landing page URL
- 100×80 pixel product image
- List of up to 8 key features
- YouTube links
- Contact names for prospects to send a LinkedIn message

3. Customize the Audience View of Products & Services

Once your tabs are set up, you can choose to customize the displayed information by profile criteria (company size, job function, industry, seniority and geography).  By defining various targets, you can highlight the most relevant information for each group.

Click here for additional information on the Products & Services tab and setting up audience groups

4. Request Recommendations

Recommendations are great for personal profiles and even more important for a company’s page.  A recommendation or testimonial is a powerful tool to peak the interest of a potential client.

With the ability to add YouTube videos to each page, consider leveraging an endorsement that is already housed on your YouTube channel.

Recommendations are only available on Product & Services pages.

5. Update Your Content Frequently

Make sure to follow the 10-4-1 rule of social media content.  For every 10 industry related articles, post 4 company articles and 1 call-to-action landing page.

Update the page consistently with relevant content, so followers view you as an industry resource and expert.  Consistency is the key with any social network.

photo credit: nan palmero via photopin cc

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