7 Local Media Tactics to Consider for a B2B Campaign


Finding the right mix of local media tactics for a B2B product can seem a little challenging, but there are several highly targeted ways to reach your niche audience.

If you are advertising a product to other businesses you may question the right media vehicle to deliver your message.  Because like any local media campaign, the key to increasing your ROI is reducing the “waste.”  You need to find efficient ways to put your message in front of your target audience.

Here are 7 local media tactics for your next B2B campaign:

1.  Direct Mail

Even with all the new technology and targeting opportunities don’t forget about direct mail.  This tactic will allow you to reach the exact companies and individuals that will be most receptive to your product.  It works well in conjunction with other tactics as a reminder and a call to action.

2.  Business Journals

Business journals can be a great way to reach the local business community.  There are a variety of ways to get involved with a local business publication.  For example, you can include your message in the print version or through email sponsorships and online placements.

3.  Trade Publications

Finding the right trade publications can be the key to reaching your target market.  First you need to identify the key decision maker for your product.   This person will be different if you are selling software solutions versus commercial HVAC services.  Putting your message in specific publications this group finds valuable will help “break through the clutter” and make your product/service even more relevant.

4.  Social Media

This can be a tricky topic for most B2B companies.  You know you need to engage with potential clients in the social space, but make sure you think through your strategy before you set up a profile on every social network.  The demographics of the network and types of content you have to share can determine where you start.

If you have several instructional videos, consider setting up a YouTube channel, or if you are an interior design firm, Pinterest may be a natural fit.  But, if your content is based around reference articles and whitepapers consider LinkedIn or Twitter.  Here are some ways to enhance your LinkedIn company profile.

5.  Content Marketing

As we discussed in a previous article, generating helpful and relevant content can be an important piece of your marketing strategy.  This will help you position yourself and your company as a “thought leader” in the industry and help establish trust with your audience.

6.  Targeted “Mass” Media

You may not want to discount all “mass” media tactics for your B2B campaign.  These are mediums your target audience may use most often and will help reinforce your other more targeted tactics.

First, you need to evaluate qualitative research to determine what vehicles will most effectively reach your target audience.  For example, if you are trying to reach local small business owners you may want to consider public radio or a small group of cable networks.

As with any mass media, you will increase the amount of waste, but make sure you allow research to guide your decisions, that way you can identify the most effective tactics.

As you can see, there are a number of targeted options to reach your B2B market.  Many of these tactics work well together. So think through your strategy and how you want your audience to engage with your company, before, committing to your next local media campaign.

Shelby Nichols

About Shelby Nichols

Shelby is Director of Digital Media at Sheehy, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. With 15 years in the industry she has planned and purchased a wide range of media and has a passion for all things digital.

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