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Since media usage is more fragmented than ever before, it’s imperative for traditional and digital tactics to work together to maximize reach.

Recently I attended a TVB media seminar in which the primary presenter said, “anyone can swing a media bat and hit one or two intended targets.” This is true, which is why it’s important to choose the medium and media mix that best reflects who your customer is and how they interact with media, as opposed to guessing or trying to be everywhere. While you won’t hit a homerun every time, you at least want to consistently get on base and put yourself in position to score.

Online and mobile advertising continue to grow at a frenzied rate. But, keep in mind, according to the TVB 2012 Media Comparison Study, Television still serves as the most viable advertising investment, in terms of reach and consumer confidence.

By pairing a traditional TV schedule with a complementary mobile or online schedule, reach is increased and so are the engagement levels of your customer with your products and services.

The following are a couple ways to improve your non-traditional media efforts through local broadcast media buys:

1. Require an Online Advertising Schedule with Each TV Schedule Purchased

As many of our other articles have expounded upon, requiring added value with your local television investment is the best way to get a viable online presence started for little to no charge.

TV Stations have a built-in audience with news and local content. They also have digital experts that can create ads and considering that as a small company, you may not have the means to create yourself.

2. Include a Specific Call to Action

As a consumer, you can most likely attest, there are times when you see or hear something on TV and immediately search for the topic online. You’ll be sitting with your laptop watching TV or checking Facebook on your phone. By prompting your customers within your commercial to visit your site, chances are they will take action and head your way.

If you drive potential customers to your site or encourage them to tweet, you can collect valuable consumer data and use those insights gained for future advertising efforts. Example, ABC’s “Scandal” has continued to gain traction, as the result of the fans and stars of the show tweeting and blogging in real-time.

According to a Media Post article,

The rise in popularity of social networks has certainly contributed to the increase. People spend mindless hours tweeting, reading friends’ Facebook updates, and pinning interesting recipes on Pinterest.  In fact, much of that is done while they’re watching TV. Though this report did not examine cross-media usage, studies by others, including Nielsen, have found that usage of more than one media at a time has increased in recent years.

Advertising should not always be about the “sexy choice.” It should be about the right choice.  More times than not, it’s taking traditional local media advertising and pairing it with non-traditional advertising to reach a mass audience.

Leslie Kill

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Leslie is an Associate Media Director at Sheehy+Associates, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. She has been entrenched in media for a little over 10 years, allowing her the privilege to work with clients and in markets big, small and many places in between.

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