How to Find the Right Trade Publication for Your Local Media Campaign

Trade publications can be an important component of a local media B2B campaign and evaluating a few key pieces of information can help you select the most appropriate vehicles for your message.

Planning a B2B campaign can feel like a daunting task unless you know where to start.  Recently, we outlined seven tactics to consider in your marketing mix.  If you have decided to include trade publications, you have completed step one. But, now the fun part begins … which ones to choose.

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7 Local Media Tactics to Consider for a B2B Campaign

Finding the right mix of local media tactics for a B2B product can seem a little challenging, but there are several highly targeted ways to reach your niche audience.

If you are advertising a product to other businesses you may question the right media vehicle to deliver your message.  Because like any local media campaign, the key to increasing your ROI is reducing the “waste.”  You need to find efficient ways to put your message in front of your target audience. [Read more...]

4 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Local Media Campaign

Use your local media campaign to create more brand ambassadors on social media as well as increase sales.

As we discussed in a previous article, consumers respond to social media prompts included in traditional local media tactics.  There are ways to incorporate social media content and prompts in your local media strategy without diluting your message. [Read more...]

Adding Newspaper to Your Local Media Mix Can Help Reach Younger Adults

According to a recent study, 6 in 10 Adults 18-24 access content from newspaper media each week.

Newspaper was once considered a reach medium similar to television and outdoor, used as a way to get your message out to the “masses.”  But, over the past several years some media planners and advertisers have disregarded newspaper as a viable media tactic, unless they were trying to reach the 55+ demographic.

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How to Effectively Reach Teens With Your Local Media Mix

Traditional local media out performs online advertising when it comes to recall and effectiveness.

American teenagers have grown up with the Internet and social media, so it is no surprise they spend most of their time online.    [Read more...]

3 Keys to Implementing Effective Creative Across Your Local Media Mix

It is crucial that the creative used across varying mediums builds consistency and cohesion to your local media buy.

There are some easy themes to consider and enact to ensure that your ads, whether they are on television, radio, outdoor, and/or online complement each other, resulting in an effort that continues to build a successful return on your local media investment. [Read more...]

Top Free Online Resources for Local Media Buying

Free tools to help find traditional media vendors and place your local media schedules.

Once you have completed the media planning process and have identified which mediums will achieve your goals and objectives, it is time to place your local media campaign.   [Read more...]

3 Tips to Negotiate Local Media Trade Schedules

Trade is a great way to increase your local media presence, but make sure to negotiate up-front in order to get the most out of your investment.

Most advertising vendors will accept a trade of your products (i.e., merchandise, gift cards, etc.) for advertising space/time. [Read more...]

3 Negotiating Tactics to Secure Lower Local Media Costs

You need to utilize the right tactics to ensure the best possible local media rates.

You might think that simply asking your media vendor if these are the “lowest rates available,” you have done your due diligence when finalizing your local media schedules. [Read more...]

4 Tips for Evaluating Local Media Advertising Packages

How to determine if a proposal is worth the investment and should be included in the local media mix.

Marketing directors and media buyers are constantly bombarded with advertising packages from local media vendors.  It can be difficult to determine the value of the entire package, since most will include a variety of elements, not just the tactics you want. [Read more...]