Facebook Targeting Options to Include in Your Local Media Campaign

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Consider your Facebook advertising strategy and targeting options before placing your next local media campaign, to maximize effectiveness and ROI.

Facebook continues to update their advertising platform to garner more advertising dollars.  According to eMarketer, Facebook will receive 30% of mobile advertising spending in 2013, which is second only to Google.

If you have already determined that Facebook advertising is the right fit for your local media objectives, consider these campaign and targeting options before developing your next buy.

Campaign Options

You have two advertising objectives for your campaign, “Get More Page Likes” and “Promoted Page Posts,” also known as Sponsored Stories.

If you are looking to generate awareness of your Facebook brand page or promote an external URL, event or app; you should select “Get More Page Likes.”  This will generate a short ad that will be displayed in the sidebar of the newsfeed, with a call to action to like the page.

You can also select to dedicate your budget to promote a specific post.  One major difference is that these ads will be displayed in someone’s newsfeed, in addition to the sidebar. This may seem like a more attractive option, since the newsfeed is a prime position on Facebook.  But, keep in mind, if someone “likes” your sponsored story, they are not in fact “liking” your page and becoming a fan.

Targeting Options

A key benefit of advertising on Facebook is the numerous targeting options available, especially the ability to refine your message by a variety of interest categories.  But, don’t forget a few more basic options, when used thoughtfully, can improve the ROI of your local media campaign.

1. Geography

According to the 2012 Facebook Ads Report, by Social Fresh, location is one of the most popular targeting criteria.  While over half of the survey’s respondents target based on country, only around one-third target based on city and/or state.  Only 18% of respondents include zip code targeting.

One key to an effective campaign is being relevant.  Consider developing separate ads for various geographic areas, to ensure your message resonates with your audience.  From a local media stand point, the opportunity to target your message to a city or zip code level can be invaluable.

2. Connections

Depending on your campaign objectives, consider targeting based on connections.  If you are trying to generate awareness and more likes for your brand page, consider targeting friends of fans and exclude your current fans.

While this may seem like a “no-brainer,” only 37% of advertisers are using this criterion, according to the Social Fresh study.

Connections should be the number 1 criteria used by advertisers. Nothing increases your click-through rate more, than targeting your own fans, which is what connection targeting allows you to do. Webtrends did a study of 11,000 Facebook campaigns and found that targeting fans has an average of a 7X higher click-through rate and a higher conversion rate. The difference can be as much as multiple dollars per click.

Justin Kistner, Director of Social Products at Webtrends

3. Gender

Targeting a message by gender may seem very “old school” and traditional.  But, consider that men and women will respond differently to different messages.

According to the Social Fresh study, only 34% of advertisers “always” or “often” include a gender target, ranking this criteria 9th out of 15.

It is interesting that the buyers surveyed are not putting high importance on some very important targeting options such as gender. We see big differences in performance based on gender, so not segmenting by this variable and controlling your budget accordingly is definitely sub-optimal.

Michael Lazerow, VP Communications at Buddy Media

Creating separate messages for men and women, and targeting your campaign appropriately, could improve your ROI.

What targeting options have been successful for your Facebook advertising campaigns?

Click the following link to download a copy of the Social Fresh Facebook Ads Report.

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