How to Choose the Right Local Media Endorsement

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Having a well-known on-air talent or local celebrity endorse your product or store can add credibility and an established audience.

This credibility and established audience comes at a cost. In choosing to go the route of an endorsement, you have prepared for the fact that you will incur talent fees and most likely pay a premium, on top of base spot costs.

In order to ensure these additional expenses pay dividends, there are a couple ways to choose the right endorser for your needs.

Review Talent’s Roster of Current Clients

Is this individual’s list of endorsements category exclusive and limited in nature?  You do not want to be just one of many. An endorser should cut through the clutter, not add to it.

There needs to be a noticeable difference when your endorser speaks. It should not blend in with the commercials around it.

Pay attention to the products or companies your talent endorses. Do these products have a similar core audience to yours? Are they thoughtful choices?

For instance, it makes more sense for a stroller company to pursue a morning radio host, that’s a woman with small children, than to go with a popular sports jock that touts a new energy drink.

As with most local media decisions, the core demographic should play a major role in selecting the best route for your local media dollars.

Interview Endorser and Put Them to the Test

You want someone that knows your product or store.  Talent will jump at any chance to endorse, often saying they “love” what your store offers or how your food tastes.  Put them to the test!

Make the time to interview talent. Request they tour your facility. Ask them how they would integrate their daily life into the endorsement. Remember, they’re speaking on your behalf. They should go above and beyond.

Most potential endorsers will bring something “extra” to the table or share with you ways they would take your endorsement to the “next level.”  They should cut you an example of what your spot would sound like.

The talent should be a reliable partner, offering to cut new spots without extra fees.  To add depth and variety to a local media buy, investing in an endorsement can be a great opportunity.

But, as with any advertising decision, having a couple tools in your back pocket can give you the edge you need to avoid paying more than you need to, or choosing the wrong person to endorse your product or store.

By thoughtfully reviewing endorsement rosters and thoroughly interviewing your candidate at length, your choice will be clear, and so will the message being delivered.

Leslie Kill

About Leslie Kill

Leslie is an Associate Media Director at Sheehy+Associates, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. She has been entrenched in media for a little over 10 years, allowing her the privilege to work with clients and in markets big, small and many places in between.

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