How to Create a Local Media Campaign to Drive Traffic to Your Store

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One way to drive traffic to your store would be to remind them who you are, what you can do for them, and by frequently giving them new reasons to come in.

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of developing a media campaign to increase brand awareness.  If you have done this successfully, your customers are already aware of the product you sell and/or provide. You have reached out to them and introduced yourself, they have been educated about your products/services and an invitation has been extended to invite them to your store.

They know you, they like you…now what? How do you keep them coming back?

Your media plan’s goal is to drive traffic back into your store. Keep reminding your customer why they chose your product or service and why they should keep coming back for more. A frequency campaign will keep up the connection and do just that… keep reminding them why they should come back into your location.

Campaign Goals
1. Use a Reminder Message

Tell your customer who you are and answer the question “who cares?” again and again. You’ve taken the time to educate them about who you are and they chose you, remind them why over and over. Don’t let a competitor have the opportunity to win them over because you haven’t kept in touch.

2. Increase Your Frequency

Fact: There are millions of advertising messages out there. You want to make your message is top of mind. Make sure your local media campaign has a high frequency with your target audience. This will enable you to break through the clutter.

3. Continue to Make a Connection

The job of an image campaign is never over. Although your customers know who you are, there is a continued need to reach out to them. Making customers feel good about choosing your product or service is a top priority of any effective media plan.

Recommended Media Tactics
1. Radio

Reaching your audience in the car and at work with radio is a great way to add frequency. 60-second spots give you time to remind your customers who you are, give them a new reason to come into your store and it’s best to complete the message with a memorable tagline that leaves a lasting impression. 30-second spots give you less time to do the same thing but, as you continue to build your image,  you may not need as much time to remind them who you are.

2. Traffic Sponsorships

Sponsoring a radio traffic report is a great way to get a quick message across in a highly sought out report. The sponsorship announcement is only 10 or 15-seconds, but this tactic can help stretch your local media budget and keep your brand top-of-mind.  Check out our recent article for some additional benefits of using traffic sponsorships.

3. Television

Television is still one of the most effective advertising mediums.  Capture your customer by using highly viewed programs, local news arenas, and targeted cable networks. A good daypart mix will add frequency to your overall media plan.

4. Social media

Be in the conversation about your product or service. Starting new conversations about happenings with your company can keep the connection ongoing.

It is important for every brand to remain top-of-mind and break through the advertising clutter.  You can help drive traffic to your store by frequently reminding your audience of who you are, and giving them new reasons to come back.

Leslie Kill

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Leslie is an Associate Media Director at Sheehy+Associates, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. She has been entrenched in media for a little over 10 years, allowing her the privilege to work with clients and in markets big, small and many places in between.

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