How to Use Google AdWords for Video in Your Local Media Campaign

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How this local media tactic differs from an online video campaign and what you need to know to get started.

YouTube announced the launch of Google AdWords for video.

This program brings video to the popular AdWords search-marketing platform.  It utilizes the same bidding format and allows advertisers to set daily budgets and maximum rates.  TrueView mimics the PPC (Pay-Per-Click) structure, so advertisers are only charged for ads viewed, instead of impressions served.

Google AdWords for video is different from a pre-roll online video campaign:
  1.  Advertisers are only charged if a viewer either watches :30  of the video or the entire video, whichever is shorter.
  2. Google AdWords for video can run on YouTube, along with  the Google Display Network, which includes thousands of websites and reaches 86% of the   online audience.
  3. There is no current limit on video length, which can allow for additional exposure of long-form videos, such as  demonstrations or testimonials.
  4. CPMs (Cost-Per-Thousand) can be lower with this type of video campaign, compared to a premium network or publisher direct buy; however, you have less control over where your video will be displayed.
Google AdWords for video includes a variety of targeting options:
  1. Standard targeting options are available, such as: age, gender and geography.
  2. Ads can be served by interests, which are based on search behavior.
  3. A campaign can also target based on topics, which will contextually place your message in relevant content.
 Google AdWords for video ad formats:
1. TrueView in-stream ads
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In-stream ads will run before or after a YouTube video, similar to a pre-roll.

2.TrueView in-slate ads
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In-slate ads will run prior to videos longer than 10 minutes. A viewer will choose between three ad units. Advertiser is charged if their video is chosen.


3. TrueView in-display ads

In-display ads will run on YouTube and across the Google Display network. This example reflects a display ad on YouTube. Units will appear slightly different on various network sites

 4. TrueView in-search ads
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In-search ads will be displayed above and to the right of YouTube search results, similar to paid search results versus organic results in Google.

YouTube has several tools available to educate brands and advertisers on the program and tips on generating content.  One great resource is The Advertiser Playbook.

There are nine Marketing Ambassadors that will post their experiences with the Google AdWords for video program on the dedicated Google+ page.  These are small to midsize businesses from across the country that are active on YouTube and span a wide range of industries from tourism to toys.

I am personally excited to see the progress of VeryPink knits, a knitting blog from Austin.  Without their YouTube videos I wouldn’t have been able to complete my most recent knitting project!

Here is a YouTube video featuring a few of the Marketing Ambassadors:

Are you going to include Google AdWords for video in your local media campaign?



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