3 Ways Generational Differences Can Impact Your Local Media Campaign

millennial and baby boomer

Millennials and Baby Boomers represent two very influential generational groups that are vastly different in the way they process information and local media messages. In a previous article, I discussed how Millennials are a unique generation that … Continue Reading

6 Tips for Selecting Primetime TV Shows for Your Local Media Campaign


Developing a strong primetime TV schedule is an important part of your local media campaign to enhance your brand’s image and reach your target audience. Every summer the networks release their primetime schedule for the upcoming season including … Continue Reading

2 Ways to Protect your Local Media Endorsement

celebrity endorsement

Just as important as choosing the right endorser or spokesperson is knowing how to protect and maximize that investment, and in some cases minimize the damage your endorser may have created. … Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Add Digital Video to Your Local Media Campaign

digital video

Consumers continue to increase the time spent streaming online video, which represents a huge local media opportunity to increase campaign effectiveness. The amount of time consumers are spending in the online space is continuing to increase, as … Continue Reading

3 Ways to Reach the Hispanic Market with Your Local Media Campaign

Local Media Strategy

Reaching the Hispanic audience with your local media campaign can seem overwhelming, but properly doing so can create a new and loyal customer base. While we’re told and often acknowledge the Hispanic population continues to grow faster than any … Continue Reading

4 Ways to Incorporate Social Media into Your Local Media Campaign

Facebook offer

Use your local media campaign to create more brand ambassadors on social media as well as increase sales. As we discussed in a previous article, consumers respond to social media prompts included in traditional local media tactics.  There are ways … Continue Reading

3 Considerations When Using Bus Advertising in Your Local Media Mix

local media strategy

Depending on your local media campaign objectives and creative message, bus advertising may be a good fit for your media mix. Transit is a broad category that can include various forms of transportation like buses, trains and air travel.   Similar … Continue Reading

3 Reasons to Incorporate a Charity in Your Local Media Campaign


Incorporating a charity into your local media plans is a great way to build a good image within your community and can also drive traffic to your store, while supporting a good cause. It is best to choose a charity in which you have a connection. … Continue Reading

Adding Newspaper to Your Local Media Mix Can Help Reach Younger Adults

Adding Newspaper to Your Local Media Mix Can Help Reach Younger Adults

According to a recent study, 6 in 10 Adults 18-24 access content from newspaper media each week. Newspaper was once considered a reach medium similar to television and outdoor, used as a way to get your message out to the “masses.”  But, over the … Continue Reading

4 Mobile Stats You Need to Know for Your Local Media Campaign

mobile purchases

Mobile devices are playing an increasingly larger role in the way consumers are making purchase decisions. New statistics are being released daily showing how consumers are using their mobile devices for everything from researching products and … Continue Reading