3 Reasons to Include Cinema Advertising in Your Local Media Mix

Cinema advertising might by just the ticket to your reach younger Early Adopters with your local media mix.

In today’s technology-saturated culture of smartphones, DVRs, AmazonPrime and Hulu, the ability to selectively choose entertainment at your fingertips and on your schedule without the annoyance of advertising poses multiple problems for marketing directors. [Read more...]

3 Considerations When Using Bus Advertising in Your Local Media Mix

Depending on your local media campaign objectives and creative message, bus advertising may be a good fit for your media mix.

Transit is a broad category that can include various forms of transportation like buses, trains and air travel.   Similar to other out-of-home tactics like outdoor billboards, transit advertising is usually considered to be a reach medium, which is great for a branding or an awareness campaign.  Most transit executions are used to reach the general public as well as those using public transit. [Read more...]

How to Incorporate Interstate Logo Signs into Your Local Media Mix

Utilizing interstate logo signs to promote your business can be an effective local media tactic, and one that is often overlooked.

Interstate logo signs are the blue panels located on interstate highways and some freeways to inform motorists of fuel, lodging and dining options available at the upcoming exit.  There is usually a maximum of 6 logos included on each panel. [Read more...]

Top Free Online Resources for Local Media Buying

Free tools to help find traditional media vendors and place your local media schedules.

Once you have completed the media planning process and have identified which mediums will achieve your goals and objectives, it is time to place your local media campaign.   [Read more...]

3 Ways to Include Outdoor in Your Local Media Campaign

How to use outdoor in the media mix to meet your local media campaign goals.

There are a number of Out-of-Home advertising options, but here we will focus on the most common forms, which are outdoor bulletins and posters. [Read more...]