3 Ways to Improve the Value of Your Local Media Added Value Schedules

While most local advertisers are aware that they should request “added value” from all their media partners, implementing this requirement effectively is often a rarity or afterthought.

Securing high-quality “extras” can be a challenge when your media partners see Added Value as penance.  But utilizing a few key guidelines will help you maximize added value offerings and truly put the “value” back in Added Value. [Read more...]

6 Ways Adjust Your Local Media Plan When You Have New Competition

Take a strategic approach to any local media adjustments when faced with new competition.

Your business is sailing along.  Your sales are good and your customers know who you are and why they shop with you. You have established a good reputation and have figured out what drives your customers to your store. Things are good until you are driving around your neighborhood and  spot a “coming soon” sign on a vacant building. [Read more...]

6 Tips for Selecting Primetime TV Shows for Your Local Media Campaign

Developing a strong primetime TV schedule is an important part of your local media campaign to enhance your brand’s image and reach your target audience.

Every summer the networks release their primetime schedule for the upcoming season including new programs, which is called the “upfront.”  While the upfront is an opportunity for national advertisers to purchase inventory for the next year, local media advertisers use the new program information to finalize their 4th quarter schedules. [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Add Digital Video to Your Local Media Campaign

Consumers continue to increase the time spent streaming online video, which represents a huge local media opportunity to increase campaign effectiveness.

The amount of time consumers are spending in the online space is continuing to increase, as more compelling content moves onto digital platforms –including social networks with mass appeal and an expanding selection of online video content.

[Read more...]

Boost Digital Media Impact Through Traditional Local Media

Since media usage is more fragmented than ever before, it’s imperative for traditional and digital tactics to work together to maximize reach.

Recently I attended a TVB media seminar in which the primary presenter said, “anyone can swing a media bat and hit one or two intended targets.” This is true, which is why it’s important to choose the medium and media mix that best reflects who your customer is and how they interact with media, as opposed to guessing or trying to be everywhere. While you won’t hit a homerun every time, you at least want to consistently get on base and put yourself in position to score. [Read more...]

How to Create a Local Media Campaign to Drive Traffic to Your Store

One way to drive traffic to your store would be to remind them who you are, what you can do for them, and by frequently giving them new reasons to come in. [Read more...]

2 Ways to Ensure Proper Stewardship for Your Local Media Schedule

Stewarding your local media buy is an important element that can be easily overlooked, but one that can keep your partners focused and your advertising on track. [Read more...]

Nielsen vs. Rentrak: How to Use the Data in Your Local Media Campaign

When evaluating television proposals, it is important to know how the ratings data is collected, in order to understand why the ratings provided by each service will differ.

The Nielsen Company has provided the television advertising currency for many years.  Rentrak began capturing local television viewing in 2009, and now has 210 stations across the country subscribing to its data in addition to or in place of Nielsen data. [Read more...]

How the Definition of a TV Household Impacts Your Local Media Campaign

The definition of a TV Household is changing to include Internet households, and soon local media schedules will more accurately reflect actual ratings delivery.

By Nielsen’s definition, a TV Household includes only those homes that can view television via cable, satellite or over the air broadcasts. [Read more...]

Top Free Online Resources for Local Media Buying

Free tools to help find traditional media vendors and place your local media schedules.

Once you have completed the media planning process and have identified which mediums will achieve your goals and objectives, it is time to place your local media campaign.   [Read more...]