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                          英  语
                          第一部分  听 力(30分)
                          第一节  (共5小题;每小题1.5分,合计7.5分)
                          1.When will the bus most likely come?
                          A.In five minutes.
                          B.In ten minutes.
                          C.In fifteen minutes.
                          2.What does the man plan to do in Las Vegas?
                          A.Buy two shirts.
                          B.Find a suitcase.
                          C.Win much money.
                          3.What does the woman think of her sister?
                          4.What are the speakers mainly talking about?
                          A.Making sandwiches.
                          B.Buying food for a meeting.
                          C.Joining an association.
                          5.Where does this conversation probably take place?
                          A.In a library.   
                          B.In a hospital.
                          C.In a coffee house.
                          第二节  (共15小题;每小题1.5分,合计22.5分)
                          6.What does the woman want to do?
                          A.Use the man’s phone.
                          B.Ask for a free ride.
                          C.Make an appointment.
                          7.Where is the woman’s car?
                          A.In her company.
                          B.At her hairdresser ’s
                          C.In front of the building.
                          8.Where does the woman buy most of her music?
                          A.From iTunes.
                          B.From eMusic.
                          C. From Google Play.
                          9.What music does the man prefer?
                          A.Pop music.
                          10.Who is the man going to the movies with?
                          A.His sister.
                          B.The woman.
                          C.His friend Ray.
                          11.What does the woman want to see?
                          A.A musical.
                          B.A documentary.
                          C.An action film.
                          12.What does the man think of action movies?
                          13.What is the probable relationship between the speakers?
                          A.Professor and student.
                          B.Doctor and patient.
                          C.Boss and employee.
                          14.Where does the woman work?
                          A.In a hospital.
                          B.At a university.
                          C.At a tech company.
                          15.How long has the woman been at her present job?
                          A.About one month.   
                          B.About six months.
                          C.Around one year.
                          16.What is the man’s advice?
                          A.Finding a new job.
                          B.Chatting with others.
                          C.Taking some exercise.
                          17.What is the cost of the Signature Pass?
                          18.With which pass can you visit Disney Park any time of the year?
                          A.The Signature Plus Pass.
                          B.The Signature Pass.
                          C.The Deluxe Pass.
                          19.What will you get if you pay before November 30 ?
                          A.Free parking passes.
                          B.Seasonal discounts.
                          C.One free month.
                          20.How can California residents pay for the passes?
                          A.Weekly.    B.Monthly.    C.Annually.

                          第二部分  阅读理解(40分)
                          In what can only be described as a heroic act,a golden retriever managed to save his owner’s life by lying on top of him for almost 24 hours to keep him from freezing to death after slipping on ice and breaking his neck.
                          On New Year's Eve,64-year-old Bob,who chose not to reveal his last name for privacy reasons,of Petoskey,Michigan,was watching a football game between Clemson and Ohio State.It was around 10:30 p.m.when he decided to go outside and fetch some more wood for his fireplace wearing only long underpants,slippers and a shirt.He had taken the short,15-foot walk to the firewood shed thousands of times before,but this time his poor choice of footwear made him slip,and the fall left him unable to move.
                          “I was Screaming for help,but my nearest neighbor is about a quarter-mile away and it was 10:30 p.m.,but my Kelsey came,” Bob recalls.“By morning my voice was gone and I couldn’t yell for help,but Kelsey didn’t stop barking.She kept barking for help,but never left my side.She kept me warm and alert.I knew I had to hold on through this and that was my choice to stay alive.”
                          21.Who saved Bob’s life?
                          A.His friend.    B.His neighbor.    C.His son.  D.His dog.
                          22.What was the reason for Bob’s slipping?
                          A.He seldom went out at night.
                          B.He didn’t wear proper shoes.
                          C.It was too dark to see clearly.
                          D.The weather was freezing cold.
                          23.What can be learned about Bob from the story?
                          A.He was shy in public.
                          B.He liked playing football.
                          C.He lived all by himself.
                          D.He got on well with neighbors.   
                          Seven years ago,back in 2010,some reports covered a story that the world’s longest railway tunnel was under construction in Switzerland.At that point it had already been under construction for over a decade.It had been voted to be built nearly a quarter of a century ago!The idea to build it could date back to nearly 70 years ago—about as old as some of your grandparents!
                              Yesterday,it was finally ready!
                          It’s 35 miles long and runs 7,5 00 feet beneath the Swiss Alps,a famous mountain range in Switzerland.It even runs under an old tunnel that was there before.It took a total of 17 years to build at a cost of $12 billion 128 million tons of rock were dug.Two million truckloads of earth were removed!
                          The tunnel connects northern and southern Europe.The opening of this tunnel was such a big deal that the Germany’s leader,Chancellor Angela Merkel,France’s president,Francois Hollande,and Italy’s prime minister,Matteo Renzi,were all there to celebrate,as was Austria’s chancellor Christian Kern.
                          It’s called the Gotthard Base Tunnel. Eventually,325 freight and passenger trains will go through the tunnel,relieving a lot of traffic on the roadways there and making it a more environmentally friendly option.The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a wonder of engineering!Make us want to visit it!
                          24.When did people first have the idea of building the Tunnel?
                          A.About 70 years ago.
                          B.Half a century ago.
                          C.Twenty five years ago.
                          D.Seven years ago.
                          25.What can we learn about the Tunnel?
                          A.It used to be an old tunnel.
                          B.It has just been completed.
                          C.It connects all European countries.
                          D.It runs over a range of mountains.   
                          26.What may be the purpose of building the Tunnel?
                          A.To improve traffic.
                          B.To increase employment.
                          C.To attract donation.   
                          D.To stop pollution.
                          27.What can be inferred about the Tunnel?
                          A.It will cause conflicts among countries.
                          B.It will be of little benefit to the locals.
                          C.It may do damage to the environment.
                          D.It may become a tourist attraction.
                          A European Union program is letting blind people experience famous paintings for the first time.It uses three dimensional(3-D)printing to re-create famous paintings so they can be touched.
                              One painting printed with the new technology is Gustav Klimt’s“The Kiss.”It is a popular attraction at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna,Austria.The painting shows a man and a woman standing in a field filled with flowers.They are wearing gold robes and have their arms around each other.The man leans down to kiss the woman.
                              Klimt finished the painting in 1908.Until now,people who had trouble seeing could not
                          appreciate the artwork.But thanks to the reproduction they can touch the piece and feel the  ridges and depressions.Andreas Reichinger started making 3-D versions of artwork in 2010.He said this reproduction was his most difficult project because the couple’s robes are so  detailed.
                          Dominika Raditsch is a blind museum visitor.She touched the reproduction.As she  moved her hands around it she said,“Exactly,can you see these?There are so many details.”Raditsch said she can imagine what the original painting looks like when she touches the reproduction.“It’s somehow round.You can feel it.You can feel it.It comes with it.And  in many places it’s so smooth.And then I think to myself:it probably shines too!”Raditsch said.
                          The Belvedere is not the only museum to have 3-D versions of its artwork.Some of the  pieces at the Prado,in Madrid,Spain have reproductions that can be touched.But the piece in Vienna has one special part:It is made with widely available 3-D printing technology.That means one day,blind art fans anywhere in the world could download the source files and print the reproductions themselves.
                          28.What is“The kiss”?
                          A.A European Union project.
                          B.A popular painting.
                          C.A 3-D technology.
                          D.A famous museum.
                          29.Why did Reichinger say this reproduction was difficult to finish?
                          A.The painting was reproduced detailedly.
                          B.The original artwork was made in 1908.
                          C.Blind art fans can’t download the source.
                          D.The 3-D technology is not available.
                          30.How did Raditsch feel when she first touched the reproduction?
                          A.Awkward.    B.Puzzled.    C.Excited.  D.Nervous.
                          31.What is the best title for the text?
                          A.A European Union Program for Museum Visitors
                          B.3-D Printing Lets Blind Experience Famous Painting
                          C.How to Reproduce the World-famous Paintings
                          D.A Special Museum for Art Fans in Vienna,Austria
                          Tea,the most typical English drink,became established in Britain because of the influence of a foreign princess,Catherine of Braganza,the queen of Charles II.As a lover of tea since her childhood in Portugal,she brought tea-drinking to the English royal court and set a trend for the beverage in the 17th century.The fashion soon spread beyond the circle of the nobility to the middle classes,and tea became a popular drink at the London coffee houses where people met to do business and discuss events of the day.Many employers served a cup of tea to their workers in the middle of the morning,thus inventing a lasting British institution,the“tea break.”However,drinking tea in social settings outside the workplace was beyond the means of the majority of British people.It came with a high price tag and tea was taxed as well.
                              Around 1 800,the seventh Duchess of Bedford,Anne Maria,began the popular practice
                          of“afternoon tea,”a ceremony taking place at about four o’clock.Until then,people did not
                          usually eat or drink anything between lunch and dinner.At approximately the same time,the
                          Earl of Sandwich popularized a new way of eating bread—in thin slices,with something like jam or cucumbers between them.Before long,a small meal at the end of the afternoon,involving tea and sandwiches,had become part of the British way of life.
                              As tea became much cheaper during the 19th century,its popularity spread right through all corners of the British society.Thus,tea became Britain’s favorite drink.In working-class households,it was served with the main meal of the day,eaten when workers returned home after a day’s labor.This meal has become known as“high tea.”Today,tea can be drunk at any time of the day,and accounts for over two-fifths of all drinks consumed in Britain-with the exception of water.
                          32.What is mainly discussed about tea in the text?
                          A.Its development in Britain.
                          B.Its traditional ways of drinking.
                          C.Its influence around the world.
                          D.Its popularity in Europe.
                          33.What does the underlined words“the beverage”probably refer to?
                          A.Tea drinking.      B.A small meal.
                          C.A way of eating b read. D.A choice of drinks.
                          34.Why was tea unable to be accepted as a common drink in Britain in the 17th century?
                          A.It was merely served in London.
                          B.It was taxed as an alcoholic drink.
                          C.It was forbidden in business settings.
                          D.It was too expensive for most people.
                          35.How is the text organized?
                          A.By cause and effect.
                          B.By comparison.
                          C.In time order.
                          D.In frequency order.
                          第二节  (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)
                          While you are travelling abroad,cultural mistakes are more serious than linguistic mistakes,which can lead to serious misunderstanding and even ill—feeling between individuals.  36
                          ●Touching Someone
                              37  In Mediterranean countries,if yo u don’t touch someone’s arm when talking to them or if you don't greet them with kisses or a warm hug,you’11 be considered cold.But backslap(拍背)someone who isn’t a family member or a good friend in Korea,and you’ll make them uncomfortable.In Thailand,the head is considered sacred—never even pat a child on the head.
                              ●Talking Over Dinner
                              In some countries,like China,Japan and some African nations,the food’s the thing,so don't start chatting about your day’s adventures while everyone else is digging into dinner.
                            38  It's not because your group is unfriendly,but because meal times are for eating,not
                              ●Removing Your Shoes or Not
                          Take off your shoes when arriving at the door of a London dinner party and the hostess will find you uncivilized,but fail to remove your shoes before entering a home in Asia,Hawaii,or the Pacific Islands and you’11 be considered disrespectful.So,if you see a row of shoes at the door,start undoing your laces. 39
                              Once you are on the ground of a different country,remain highly sensitive to native behavior.  40  And don’t feel offended if something seems offensive—like queue jumping.
                          After all,this is a global village,and we are all very different.
                              A.Personal space varies as you travel the globe.
                              B.Asians consider removing shoes impolite at home.
                              C.Never be completely surprised by anything.
                              D.The linguistic mistake means that someone is not fully expressing his idea.
                              E.Look out for the following cultural mistakes and try to avoid them.
                              F.If not,keep the shoes on.
                              G.You’11 likely be met with silence.
                          第三部分  语言知识运用(45分)
                          第一节 完形填空(共20小题;每小题1.5分,满分30分)
                              I spent last summer volunteering at a hospital.It was a gift to  41 so many amazing people and I’d like to share one of these moments.One day,I was called to a room where a(n) 42  woman was staying.Usually I helped with  43  who were ready to leave.Instead,she 44 to go to the gift shop.I got a  45  ,helped her into it,and headed down to the entrance.
                              When we got there,it wasn’t open yet.After a 30-minute  46  ,we entered the gift
                          shop.As I pushed her around,I could see the  47  in her face as she looked at everything, happy to be out of her room.She  48  some window decorations,and then saw chocolates.
                          She asked me to push her in that  49  ,and then I helped her  50  all the different chocolate arrangements. 51  she decided on three different boxes.
                              She told me to write the numbers 1,2,and 3 on the boxes.She  52  that the nurses were taking such good care of her,so she  53  chocolates for each of the three shifts of nurses.As we gave the current shift of nurses their box of chocolate,they  54  offered some to me before taking some themselves.
                              There were  55  all around.Witnessing the old lady’s  56  and getting the opportunity to spend time with someone who got so much joy from life was a  57  in itself.I have so many more stories,and each person made an impact on my life.I’ ve  58  that health has a way of b ringing people together.  59  is a blessing,and being in a place where health is so  60  and appreciated is unlike anything else.
                          41.A.introduce     B.meet      C.attract   D.describe
                          42.A.elderly     B.strange     C.important  D.famous
                          43.A.nurses     B.kids      C.patients   D.parents
                          44.A.pretended     B.wanted     C.failed   D.promised
                          45.A.car      B.shopping cart  C.wheel chair  D.bike
                          46.A.ride      B.walk      C.drive   D.wait
                          47.A.relief      B.anxiety     C.joy    D.puzzle
                          48.A.chose      B.made      C.used   D.received
                          49.A.manner     B.case      C.direction   D.point
                          50.A.prepare for   B.make up     C.figure out     D.1ook through
                          51.A.Suddenly     B.Eventually    C.Fortunately  D.Actually
                          52.A.explained     B.declared     C.expected   D.imagined
                          53.A.exchanged    B.designed     C.tasted   D.bought
                          54.A.in fact     B.at a loss     C.in turn   D.at ease
                          55.A.whispers     B.smiles     C.shouts   D.cheers
                          56.A.kindness     B.choice     C.decision   D.1oneliness
                          57.A.1esson     B.chance     C.gift    D.fact
                          58.A.concluded     B.imagined     C.predicted   D.1earned
                          59.A.Health     B.Luck      C.Virtue   D.Praise
                          60.A.tested     B.valued     C.maintained  D.promoted
                          第二节  (共10小题;每小题1.5分,满分15分)
                              Last week I took the bus back to Jinan from Qingdao.I  61(carry)a big piece of 1uggage with me and put it beside my leg on the bus.As usual,I closed my eyes and tried to take a rest.Suddenly,I felt someone  62 (move)my luggage.I opened my eyes and looked up.It was the driver  63  carried my luggage away,saying“you will be more comfortable if you put the luggage at the front row  64  no one takes the seat”.As a salesperson,I took these buses many times,and never have I  65  (meet)such a considerate driver who had cared so much about the passengers before.This simple act touched my soft heart and will always  66 (keep)in my memory.
                          I think we have to learn from him and serve our clients much  67 (well).We have to be more considerate and offer more attentive service to our clients during  68 (they)visit to  us.Sometimes one little thing may make people happy or angry  69  make the clients decide  70  (do)the business with us or not.  
                          第四部分  写  作(35分)
                          第一节 短文改错(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)
                          Studying in the UK have been a good experience for me.When I first arrived.I find life very hard as I didn’t know anybody here.but I soon got to know other Chinese student at the university. Later I became interesting in communicating with people from various cultures,and I made fewer friends.
                          During my study.I chose to live in with my classmates in the dormitory.I think it’s better than living in British family because I can meet people from different countries easy.The courses here are excellent.I enjoy the way the teachers give lessons.We are encouraged to think for yourselves,which is quite different from that I have experienced before.
                          第二节 书面表达(满分25分)  
                          假设你是李华,上周日你校举行了英国姊妹学校(sister schoo1)来访欢迎会。请根据以下提示,给你的英国笔友Jim写一封电子邮件,向他描述欢迎会的情况并谈谈你当时的感受。


                          Dear Jim,                                  

                          Looking forward to your early reply.
                          Li Hua

                          第一部分  听力(共两节;每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分)
                          1—5  ACBBC       6—10 AABBA      11—15 CCBCB    16—20 CBACB
                          第二部分 阅读理解 (共两节;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分)
                          21—25 DBCAB    26—30 ADBAC    31—35 BAADC
                          36—40 EAGFC
                          第三部分  英语知识运用(共两节; 每小题 1.5 分,满分 45 分)
                          41—45 BACBC      46—50 DCACD     51—55 BADCB       56—60 ACDAB   
                          61. carried      62. moving    63. who/that      64. where      65. met
                          66. be kept      67. better      68. their        69. or/and      70. to do
                          第四部分  写作
                          第一节  短文改错(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
                              Studying in the UK have been a good experience for me. When I first arrived, I find life very hard
                                              has                                            found
                          as I didn’t know anybody here, but I soon got to know other Chinese student at the university.
                          Later I became interesting in communicating with people from various cultures, and I made fewer
                                       interested                                                     more
                              During my study, I chose to live in with my classmates in the dormitory. I think it’s better than
                          living in∧British family because I can meet people from different countries easy. The courses
                                a                                                      easily
                          here are excellent. I enjoy the way the teachers give lessons. We are encouraged to think for
                          yourselves, which is quite different from that I have experienced before.
                          ourselves                         what
                          1.  改正格式不符合要求的均不给分;
                          2.  修改和标识均正确才得分;
                          3.  修改或标识多余 10 处,按照答题标识顺序赋分。
                          第二节  书面表达(满分 25 分)
                          1. 评分时,参考高考阅卷要求和评分档次划分,先根据文章内容和语言初步确定是否及格,
                          2. 词数少于 70 或多于 120,从应得总分中减去 2 分;
                          3.  卷面涂抹(包括乱涂乱画)严重,总分扣 2 分;
                          4.  抄写不符内容的一律判 0 分。




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