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                          第一节(共15小题:每小题2分  满分30分)
                          阅读下面短文,从短文后每题所给的A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出最佳选项,并 在答題卡上将该项涂黑。
                          The Metropolitan Museum of Art, more commonly known as "the Met”, located in New York City, is the largest art museum in the United States. Its impressive permanent collection is home to over two million works, divided among seventeen specialized departments. It is among the most visited art museums in the world. The main building is one of the world's largest art galleries. On March 18, 2016, the museum opened the Met Breuer Museum, greatly enriching the museum's modern and up-to-date art program.
                          The Mot's permanent collection consists of works of art from classical antiques to ancient Egyptian artifacts ( 史前古器物), paintings and sculptures from all but a few of the European masters. It also has an outstanding collection of American and modern art and proudly houses extensive holdings of African, Asian, Oceanic, Indian and Islamic art. Visitors can also find large collections of musical instruments and costumes, as well as antique weapons from around the globe.
                          The Metropolitan Museum of Art was found in 1870. It is the result of a project between businessmen, financier and influential thinkers of the day. They all shared the same passion of bringing art and art education to the American people. That dream became a reality when the museum opened its doors on February 20. 1872.
                          21.what is special about the Met?
                           A. Its name. B. Its collection. C. Its building. D. Its location.
                          22.What do we know about the Met's collections?
                           A. They are from European masters. B. They mainly come from Europe.
                           C. They are about antique weapons. D. They cover arts of different times.
                          23.Why was the Metropolitan Museum of Art built?
                           A. To show the owners' pride in its large size.
                           B. To invest and make more money in the future.
                           C. To offer art education to the American people.
                           D. To bring the worldwide artists’ dream into reality.
                          Despite the fact that the Queen is currently alive and well, a secret plan has already been laid out for her death.
                          A code word has already been decided upon to deliver the news of her passing to the highest tiers of the government.
                          While the death of George VI was signalled by the words “Hyde Park Corner" — to stop operators at Buckingham Palace learning the news — the equivalent (相等的)word for Queen Elizabeth II is “London Bridge is down’’.
                          The Prime Minister at the time will be woken, if not already awake, and informed by civil servants that "London Bridge is down".
                          These words will signify the Queen has passed away, and Operation London Bridge — a highly-organised set of arrangements — is to start.
                          The Foreign Office's Global Response Centre, located at an undisclosed location in London, will then immediately inform 15 governments outside the UK where the Queen is also the head of state. After this, the centre will pass on the news to the 36 other nations of the Commonwealth (英联邦)for whom the Queen has served as a symbolic figurehead for many decades.
                          It will not be long before the news spreads from world leaders to the general public, with the news of her passing to the Press Association and thus the global media as well.
                          This marks a break from the long-held tradition of the BBC being the first news outlet to learn of royal deaths. What's more, while George VI's death was not announced until four hours after he died, news of the Queen's death will be far more instant.
                          A footman in mourning clothes will be sent out of the door at Buckingham Palace at the same time to pin a notice of the news to the gates, while the official palace website will feature- just one page, letting out the news on a dark background.
                          24.What are the code words for the Queen's death?
                           A. Hyde Park Comer. B. Buckingham Palace.
                           C. London Bridge is down. D. Operation London Bridge.
                          25.Why will 15 governments outside the UK be informed of the news immediately?
                           A. The Queen once served there. B. The Queen also governs them.
                           C. The Queen is the former head. D. The Queen is the symbolic head.
                          26.Who used to let out the news of royal deaths?
                           A. The BBC. B. A footman. C. Civil servants. D. World leaders.
                          27.What will people know from the footman’s notice?
                           A. A secret plan has a code. B. George VI is alive again.
                           C. The Prime Minister is woken. D. The Queen has passed away.
                           I was five years old when my little brother, Murk, was born. Looking back at photos, I appeared so thrilled that he had finally arrived. I held and bathed him, smiling from cheek to check. I do not remember that feeling now.
                          Being the first child in the family, I was the one my parents tested their new parenting techniques on. I was their guinea pig. Mark was always the happy one, the joker, the one who won because of my battles with my parents. After too many fights, I declared war on Mark. We were now enemies. All l remember is being jealous of (妒忌) and angry with my innocent little brother.
                          Thus. I made his life a misery. I teased, tricked, embarrassed, and fought with him. often leaving him in floods of tears.
                          Our little sister was born when I was 11. and instantly she and Mark could not be separated. They pushed me aside. Was this because 1 was becoming a monster, or did 1 grow into an uglier green-eyed monster because they loved each other so much?
                          Thankfully, Mark quickly grew tall and strong, and our conflict looked more like a cold war than bloodshed (流血).It all ended suddenly when I went to study abroad. The hatred (仇恨) disappeared and love climbed in.
                          Despite all the abuse Mark suffered he has implied that he has forgiven me, or even that there is nothing to forgive, although I have never brought up the subject in too much detail. I would like to; however, it would be a selfish move to look for more forgiveness. But I prefer to remember the hurt. During all those wasted years, I should have been the loving sister, defending instead of attacking.
                          28.How did the writer feel at the birth of her brother?
                           A. Worried. B. Excited. C. Surprised. D. disappointed.
                          29.Why did the writer consider her brother as her enemy?
                           A. She didn't like her brother. B. She'd like to be a monster.
                           C. She used to be ill-treated. D. She did so out of jealousy.
                          30.When did the writer's hatred of her brother disappear?
                           A. At the birth of her sister. B. At the start of their cold war.
                           C. When she studied abroad. D. When the bloodshed ended.
                          31.What does the writer really want to tell us in the passage?
                           A. She felt regretful for what she had done.
                           B. She was never forgiven by her brother.
                           C. She was looking for more forgiveness.
                           D. She suffered much abuse from her brother.

                          Many Shopping malls now have special areas that offer shoppers their first chance to experience “VR technology”. You may have entered one out of curiosity, or you may think it is just another piece of useless technology. Whatever your opinion, VR, or virtual (虚拟的) reality,  is going to become a big part of our lives very soon.
                          2016 saw the introduction of many fancy products in the world of VR, including Microsoft's HoloLens and Samsung's Gear VR. All of them offer an exciting look at the new realities" and opportunities that VR brings.
                          These, however, are the early days of a technology that is expected to go from strength to strength. And 2017 looks like it is going to be the year in which VR technology really takes off.
                          For a start, using VR will become more normal in 2017. Microsoft and Intel have already discussed their plans for simpler and less expensive VR headsets.
                          The idea of VR will stop being a sci-fi (science-fiction) idea, and instead it will turn into an industry of real products used as ways to show off imagination." said Andrew, a designer at US VR Company, Survios.
                          It is also expected that VR products will play a part in more common and real-life fields like fashion and film. For example, to enjoy the atmosphere and energy of the front row experience at a fashion show, fans will no longer have to go along in the flesh. Instead people will be able to enjoy the experience by just wearing a VR headset at home.
                          You can also expect VR mirrors and fitting-rooms sooner rather than later. '' This is an especially good opportunity for brands looking to offer very personalized experiences.'' said Roy DeYoung from US-based marketing agency, PMX.
                          As time goes on, there will be less discussion about whether people will accept VR technology. It will simply be a discussion of when.
                          32.Why do many shopping malls have areas for VR experiences?
                           A. To collect shoppers' opinions.  B. To meet the demands of shoppers.
                           C. To entertain shoppers with new technology.
                           D. To introduce the new technology to shoppers.
                          33.What does the underlined phrase “in the flesh” mean?
                           A. in person  B. in time  C. in line  D. in order
                          34.What can we know about VR products from the passage?
                           A. They are not expensive at present.
                           B. They are being used almost everywhere.
                           C. They will meet more personal demands.
                           D. They won't be accepted for many years.
                          35.What may be the best title for I lie passage?
                           A. VR Is Becoming Real  B. VR Mirror Are Coming
                           C. VR Takes over Fashion  D .VR Meets our Life Goal

                          第二节 (共5小题:每小题2分,满分10分)
                          根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,选项中有两项为多 余选项.并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。
                          Entrepreneurship (创业) is a long game with joys and hardships. Here are a few things you can do right now to get better.
                          Tip l:    36     
                          Many entrepreneurs agree that creating short-term and long-term goals is the key to success. Write down your goals for the next year or more.  37    But by writing them down, you will already be in a better position to achieve them.
                          Tip 2: Find your passion quickly but cheaply.
                              38    Take part in a variety of activities to discover what you love, such as a free concert, a free class or just a cheap movie; meanwhile, try not to spend too much money in the process.
                          Tip 3: Be a master at social media.
                          Becoming an expert at social media may be the most important thing to better your entrepreneurial dreams. Using social media, you'll reach a global audience. By growing and managing your online presence, you will enlarge the influence of your brand. 39     
                          Such additions to your daily life are lifestyle changes that will improve your chances of success. They may seem insignificant now, but when you're success. you'll appreciate the role they played. 40     Looking back, you'll be proud of your smart choices.
                          A. Create manageable goals.
                          B. Write down short-term goals.
                          C. And success is likely to follow.
                          D. Social media is essential to entrepreneurship.
                          E. It is important to learn what gets you excited.
                          F. It may take some time to tick off all the points on your list.
                          G. You'll be glad you took the time to win the game properly,

                          Many years ago, three soldiers, hungry and tired of battle, arrived at a small village. The villagers, suffering a poor harvest and years of war, quickly    41    the food they owned. They met the three at the village square,     42    about the lack of food.
                          The first soldier then approached the village elders, “Your tired fields have left you     43     to share, so we shall share what we have: the     44     of how to make soup from     45    .”
                          Naturally the villagers became     46     and soon a fire was put to the villagers greatest pot as the soldiers carefully     47     three stones. “Now this will be a fine soup.” said the second soldier.”     48     some salt and parsley (西芹) would make it more wonderful!” A woman     49    , crying “What luck! I remember I’ve got some at home!”. Off she ran.     50    with a handful of parsley. As the pot boiled on, carrots, beef and cream had soon     51     their way into the pot before everyone set out to     52    .
                          The soldiers ate and danced and sang well into the night,     53    by the meal and their     54     ends. The next morning, they awoke to     55     the entire village standing before them with their best bread and cheese. "You have given us the greatest     56    ” said an elder , “and we shall never forget it.” The third soldier turned to the     57    ,and said, “There is no secret but one thing is     58    : it is only by     59     that we may make a feast”. And off the    60     wandered, down the road to their next destination.
                          41. A. ate up B. gave away C. hid D. sold
                          42. A. caring B. thinking C. joking D. complaining
                          43. A. nothing B. anything C. a little D. a lot
                          44. A. importance B. secret C. problem D. matter
                          45. A. pots B. bread C. stones D. cream
                          46. A. curious B. scared C. worried D. content
                          47. A. picked up B. dropped in C. chose D. collected
                          48. A. as if B. in case C. since D. but
                          49. A. backed off B. broke down C. jumped up D. stepped away
                          50. A. returning B. leaving C. dealing D. trading
                          51. A. fought B. tell C. found D. lost
                          52. A work B. feast C. talk D. play
                          53 A. refreshed B. alarmed C. annoyed D. amused
                          54 A. well-informed B. newly-made C. hard-earned D. long-lost
                          55. A. keep B. recognize C. expect D. discover
                          56. A. answer B. hope C. gift D. advice
                          57. A. crowd B. family C. strangers D. companions
                          58. A. funny B. doubtful C. different D. certain
                          59. A. entertaining B. sharing C. appreciating D. donating
                          60. A. villagers B. elders C. locals D. soldiers

                          Getting around the city when you are six months pregnant and have a two-year-old girl can be really challenging. One spring afternoon, we went to one of the grocer 61.                    (store) nearby to buy some food for dinner. There was no sign of rain, and the store was just around the corner, 62.               we went there without an umbrella. However, we were about 63.                (leave) the store when the rain came in full force. It seemed that the streets would be flooded 64.                water within minutes.
                          I noticed a young Chinese couple staring at 65.                (we) when we came to a crossroads and were waiting for the light to change. I figured they were 66.               
                          (probable) wondering why a pregnant foreigner was dragging her little kid out through the rain. But as we crossed the street. 67.                woman offered me her umbrella. I told her I couldn’t take it when it was clearly starting to storm. She insisted and handed it to me as she 68.               (hurry) off with her husband.
                          Though 69.                (catch) in the ruin unexpectedly, we still treasured the memory and will always recall the 70.                (warm) and kindness of the Chinese couple.
                          It has been several week since I came to my new school. It was a clean, beautiful and modern one, with a large playground and an amazed digital reading-room. All the teachers are friendly and kindly. Among them, I like my English teacher best, who is enthusiastic but popular with us. He is also strict to us. He teaches us in an unusual way. Besides, he always avoids making us to feel embarrassed in class. All my classmates works hard. We're enjoying such new life and trying to develop us for the future.
                          第二节 书面表达(满分25分)
                          Dear Mr. Hurst,

                          2017 年深圳市高三年级第二次调研考试
                          21. B 22. D 23. C 24. C 25. B 26. A 27. D 28.B 29. D 30. C
                          31. A 32. D 33. A 34. C 35. A 36. A 37. F 38. E 39. C 40. G
                          41. C 42. D 43. A 44. B 45. C 46. A 47. B 48. D 49. C 50. A
                          51. C 52. B 53. A 54. B 55. D 56. C 57. A 58. D 59. B 60. D
                          61. stores 62. so  63. to leave  64. with / by 65. us
                          66. probably 67. the 68. hurried   69. caught      70. warmth
                          【评分标准】每小题 1.5 分,满分 15 分。与所给答案不符,不给分(如 67 题,填 that 不给分)。
                          It has been several week since I came to my new school. It was a clean, beautiful and
                                                         weeks                                                       is
                          modern one, with a large playground and an amazed digital reading-room. All the
                          teachers are friendly and kindly. Among them, I like my English teacher best, who is
                          enthusiastic but popular with us. He is also strict to us. He teaches us in an unusual
                                              and                                                    with
                          way. Besides, he always avoids making us to feel embarrassed in class. All my

                          classmates works hard. We're enjoying such ^new life and trying to develop us for the
                                            work                                             a                                                 ourselves

                          Version 1
                          Dear Mr. Hurst,
                          I am sorry to disturb you while you are enjoying your vacation. I am writing on behalf of my classmates for your advice.
                          Recently we have been busy preparing Hamlet for the Drama Competition to be held next month, which is an important event in our school’s English Cultural Festival. With the attached video of our rehearsal, I sincerely hope you could offer your guidance on our performance. I would also appreciate if you could share your valued opinion on our costumes, acting skills and onstage light and sound effects.
                          Any suggestions are highly appreciated and we will make proper adjustments accordingly. I hope you have a pleasant vacation despite my disturbing you.
                          Li Hua
                          Version 2
                          Dear Mr. Hurst,
                          I am sorry to trouble you during your vacation. My classmates and I would like to ask for your help.
                          Our school is having a Drama Competition next month as part of an English Cultural Festival, and we have been working hard on our performance of Hamlet. I have sent a video of us practicing our play. Could please you tell us what you think of our performance and acting skills? Also, is there anything we can do to improve our clothing, light and sound effects?
                          We look forward to hearing your ideas, which will help improve our performance. Thank you for your help. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
                          Li Hua




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