The Importance of Local Media Research

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Remember to base your local media media strategy on the habits of your target audience, NOT yourself.

A recent study, by the Media Behavior Institute, shows advertising professionals are far more digitally connected than the general consumer:

92% of advertising professionals utilize mobile apps compared to 25% of the general population.

50% of advertising professionals use a social network versus 19% of the general population.

This study also found advertising professionals spend more time than the general population, with email, social networks, mobile apps and online.

If you didn’t have the above statistics, you might rely on a focus group, of your peers, to help you choose your local media, and decide that mobile banners, with a branded app, is all you need.  Forget those “archaic” and “expensive” mediums like radio and television.

But, you do have the above statistics, and the fact is TV and radio are still essential parts of the local media mix.

Despite claims and predictions that everyone would one day “cut the cord” and only watch television through streaming services like Hulu, TV continues to drive sales.

Qualitative Research…

… will tell you about your target audience’s local media habits and how digitally connected they are.  Are they on Facebook? Twitter? Are they actively using mobile devices?  Or, are they spending most of their time with print, radio or television?  This is the most critical piece of the local media planning process.

People, in this business, must remember to remain media neutral … i.e., try not to project their personal preferences onto their target audience.

Quantitative Research…

… will show you which programs and stations your target audience is exposed to.  And, more than likely, it’s not your favorite programs.  This data will also allow you to select the right mix of programs/stations/publishers needed to reach your target audience.

With an increasing number of local media properties vying for limited media dollars, the media landscape becomes more fragmented every day.   As advertisers, it’s easy to get caught up by the “next big thing,” or in our own personal preference, and lose sight of how our target audience consumes information.

Shelby Nichols

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Shelby is Director of Digital Media at Sheehy, a regional advertising, marketing and media agency. With close to 15 years in the industry she has planned and purchased a wide range of media and has a passion for all things digital.

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